The 15th Asia-Pacific

Network Operations and Management Symposium


The Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium (APNOMS) is the premier conference on network operations and management in the Asia-Pacific region. APNOMS is sponsored by IEICE Technical Committee on Information and Communication Management (ICM) and the KICS Technical Committee on Korean Network Operations and Management (KNOM). It is supported by the IEEE Committee on Network Operations and Management (CNOM), TeleManagement Forum (TMF) and IEEE Asia-Pacific Board (APB) and IEEE Cloud Computing (IEEE Cloud Computing). APNOMS meets every year, typically during September and boasts a rich history of successes. It includes a full three-day program of keynotes, tutorials, technical sessions, panel discussions, poster sessions, and exhibits that focus on managing networks that span the computing and telecommunications areas.

Since 1997, APNOMS has provided a forum for the research, standards, development, systems integrator, vendor and user communities in network operations and management. Beginning with the first symposium, APNOMS' 97, being held in Seoul, Korea, it followed a series of successful meetings: APNOMS' 98 in Sendai, Japan, APNOMS' 99 in Kyongju, Korea, APNOMS 2000 in Nara, Japan, APNOMS 2001 in Sydney, Australia, APNOMS 2002 in Jeju, Korea, APNOMS 2003 in Fukuoka, Japan, APNOMS 2005 in Okinawa, Japan, APNOMS 2006 in Busan, Korea, APNOMS 2007 in Sapporo, Japan, APNOMS 2008 in Beijing, China, APNOMS 2009 in Jeju, Korea, APNOMS 2011 in Taipei, Taiwan and APNOMS 2012 in Seoul, Korea. The 15th of its series, APNOMS 2013, will be held in Hiroshima, Japan.

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-- APNOMS 2013 is supported by the IEEE Cloud Computing Initiative: 27 Apr. 2013
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